Do You Want To Play Golf?

Who wouldn’t want to play golf? After all, it is one of the most popular sports in the country. You don’t have to get too serious about leaving the amateur ranks before going on to receive your pro card. Most people just want to get out and have good, healthy, sporting fun. But not so easy to do in this day and age owing to the pandemic and all of the COVID protocols that have been put into place to try and reverse the startlingly high infection rates. Unfortunately, since the first and only hard lock-downs occurred, many of the smaller golf clubs around the country bore the brunt of these, so much so that their revenue streams would have been adversely affected.

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Meaning that some of these clubs would have to close their doors. Meaning that hundreds of local weekend golfers would also be losing out and not getting enough of what would have been termed healthy outdoor exercise. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, has been for quite some time. While the vaccine rollouts proceed apace, many golf clubs have been able to resume would could have closely resembled normal club activities. For many, this could not have been possible without professional golf course consulting. But what about the others, the much smaller clubs that had no other alternative but to close their doors?

Could pro golf course consulting come to their rescue, even at this late hour? Only time will tell. It is left to these clubs’ board members to approach these consulting firms to find out more. What can be done to revive these clubs and those that are still disturbingly ailing and still under threat of foreclosure. Only time will tell.

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